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I'm a health science based fitness trainer

6 years of experience in personal training & Body transformation.

My training is based on human physiology

As a medical student I have gathered years of

medical knowledge and I apply it to the fitness.

Area of expertise

1. Body Transformation

2. Weight loss

3. Muscle gain / strength gain.

4. Six pack

5. Female fitness

6. Diet plans/ classes

7. Group fitness classes

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1st place in 2017 Mr.Andhra Men's Physique 

Men's Physique is an Ideal Body Condition in which symmetry and proportion of the muscle are important . 

Modeling is not just about building body its also about an attractive male condition .


1st place in 2016 Mr.Andhra Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding is all about size and definition .

Quality of muscle is very much important than quantity .

IMG_20171222_125349 - Copy - Copyggg_000

Achievements :

2015 Mr. Vizianagaram - 2nd place

2015 Mr. Andhra - 3rs place

2016 Mr. Andhra - 1st place 

2017 Mr. Andhra - Gold medal 

2016 Men's Physique Sheru Mumbai - 8th place

2017 Men's Physique Jerai Banglore - 5th place

2017 Men's Physique Mr. Andhra - 1st place

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